Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I want to welcome you to my Braniff Memories website! I worked for Braniff as a reservations sales agent in Houston and Dallas for about 10 years. I have fond memories of Braniff and its employees.

Please take a look around and enjoy the memories that I have captured in the various items on this site. Make sure to check back often as I will be updating with new products along the way. Also make sure to check out the Braniff Retirement Club - click here for more info.


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Braniff 727 Polo Shirt With Pocket Braniff Travel Poster Photo  4" x 6" - Rio Dancer Braniff Light Switch Plate - Rio Toucan
Braniff 727-200 Line-Up Braniff Travel Poster Photo  4" x 6" - Peru Braniff Light Switch Plate - Texas Oil
Braniff 727-200 Line-Up
Our Price: $20.95